Siau Ambon Nutmeg is derived from Myristica fragrans Houtt-species and already known in the world market. This nutmeg species is indigenous from Banda Island and has been spread to other Maluku Islands, North Sulawesi, Siau and surrounding islands.

The quality of raw material nutmeg, specifically in the food industry and other industries in general, is very important.


Due to complete control over the processing of the nutmeg in the supply chain, Unispices Wazaran is able to o er its Premium Nutmeg.

The high quality is the result of:

  • Real-time access to fresh nutmeg.
  • Optimised natural drying method for swift drying of the nutmeg.
  • Hygienic processes for collecting, shelling, sorting, cleaning and packaging.


  • Guaranteed low aflatoxin levels <1.0ppb
  • Guaranteed low ochratoxin levels <2.0ppb
  • High volatile oil (min. 10ml/100gram)
  • Low & safe microbiology levels

For all our nutmeg grades we provide a Certificate of Analysis on the aflatoxin and ochratoxin levels which comply with the EU Food Authority and ESA requirements. The pre-sale counter analysis by end-user is applicable upon request.

We offer several grades of Premium Nutmeg:

  1. Premium Calibrated Siau Ambon Nutmeg Whole
  2. Premium Siau Ambon Nutmeg ABCD Whole
  3. Premium Siau Ambon Nutmeg Shrivels Whole