Our processing facilities operate under the name PT. Darin Indo Utama since 2017, a sister company of Unispices Wazaran. The primary processing facility is situated in Surabaya, the capital of East Java. It is one of the key hubs for the export (and its logistics) of spices from all corners of Indonesia to the many destinations around the world.

The processing facility in Surabaya is fully equipped to shelling, sorting, cleaning and packaging of mostly nutmeg and mace. In addition, magnet detection is also performed. It is here that the final step in quality control is performed before exporting the product.


Prior to the processing of an export quality product in Surabaya, the nutmeg is sourced in fresh condition from selected farmers and local collectors on the North Moluccan island of Ternate and its immediate surroundings.

Our facility in Ternate is fully designated to collecting, natural mechanical drying and the temporary storage of the nutmeg in shell and mace. After these processes have been completed the products are further processed in Surabaya.


Our Medan facility, located on the island of Sumatra, is exclusively and solely designated to the collecting and processing of cassia. We process this spice to the export qualities of ‘broken/cleaned’ and ‘sticks’. The sticks are available in different sizes, conform the needs of our end-users. After processing, the cassia is directly shipped from the port of Belawan to many destinations around the world.